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Embodying Psychotherapy

 Maya Moon Counseling is a professional clinical practice that utilize talk therapy and embodiment awareness. Meeting the client at the level of body and emotion has been our focus for many years. When a person is supported in a space where they can talk and embody their emotions provides an opportunity to engage in a more implicit level of their experiences. This level of deepen in the experience opens the space to release and unblock unwanted traumatic energy. 

-What to Expect

The client find a supportive space in whole levels and resonance in the therapist assists the process to engage in empathetic relationship. 

Therapeutic relationship is granted in a level of unique experience holding care from the heart.

The client can also receive mindfulness techniques, practice breathe work, engage in group therapy and enjoy the power of spirituality.

Body-Mind approach also counts in their sessions with access to yoga classes, reiki and contact with multiple holistic and somatic resources. 

Somatic Psychotherapy

For three and a half years the somatic approach is an exhaustive psychological training involving a psychotherapist commitment. The certification requires also classes, workshops practice and clinical consultations. Once the clinician completes all these years of requirement the certification provides with a solid base for clinical intervention. 

Clinicians counting with a somatic specialization generally are skillful regulating the nervous system, specially for those affected by trauma, or PTSD. Many clients with depression, anxiety, panic attacks, or personality disorders are finding somatic psychotherapy very helpful. 

Somatic psychotherapy sessions are individual and at times we can also offer couples’s sessions. We develop the space to recognize that in a traumatic experience our adult attachments are part of the healing process. 

Professionals who want to learn about somatic healing are invited to Workshops in somatic psychotherapy. 


Maya Moon Counseling practice believes in continuing education.

Accomplishment of mindfulness certification are essential when meeting requirements for trauma informed care.

Training are specific designated to empower and create a safe container. 

Gallery Education Journey. 

Amy Weintraub, Life Force Yoga for depression training,

Misericordia University Conference in Body-Mind Yoga Based Psychotherapy, June 2017

Dr. Ananda Balayogi, MD, - Mindfulness training Kripalu 2016.

Dr. Ananada Balayogui, training at Kripalu, mind construction and ways to 

balance your breathing, May 2016, slide provided in his training.

 Kripalu School provided with training from Bessel Van der Kolk with Dr. Ananda Balayogui, 

leaders in body-mind connection in the United States and around the world.  

Yoga Therapy applied in Medical Settings Level 4, and in Mental Health settings, Level 5, April and May, 2016.

Attending training in Kripalu has supported my holistic and 

mindfulness intervention approach greatly.

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy 500 CE hours training 2016-2017.

Additional Energy studies include Reiki training and Energy Medicine training in 2018-2019. 

Energy approach helps to renew the electromagnetic field. 

Divine "Presence" and the power of "NOW " is the main component in our sessions.





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