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Ilse Jimenez, LMHC, SE, EMDR, Yoga Therapist, Mindfulness Teacher, APA Associate, Reiki Master, Shamanic Studies, Yoga Alliance Educator, etc. 

 I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with more than fourteen years of clinical experience. My certifications are extensive in the world of somatic psychotherapy, EMDR, Mindfulness and Yoga Science. I am bringing a broad of trainings to my clinical practice that are providing somatic awareness and somatic intervention. My focus is trauma treatment but also I assist clients with anxiety, panic disorder, eating disorder, depression, etc. 

As a Mindfulness psychotherapist, I offer guidance in learning to contact and transform our fears into awake and loving presence. The gateway to full intimacy and love is our capacity to open to vulnerability, recognizing the spiritual container that need support and loving care.

I have more than six years navigating the Eastern philosophy, my fascination for Spiritualism, Energy and Body-Mind connection provided me with the confidence to say that I am a seasoned profesional in the field of Mindfulness. 

Daily I practice yoga, reiki self-healing, meditation and I always engage in education that increases my passion for mindfulness knowledge. My yoga based psychotherapeutic practice takes place with sessions that encompasses compassion and empathetic listening. Breathing techniques are available, most of the techniques are taught in a safe environment, I am an expert holding a safe space without risk for re-traumatization. 

I was born in Costa Rica, my family has Meso-American Native blood, because of my cultural background, I have a strong passion for wild life, animals, trees, the elements and Mother Earth (Pachamama). For me the Full Moon brings the power of therapeutic ceremony, I give to my clients the unique opportunity to connect with ceremonial intentions where they find more connection and sense of gratitude. I honor the ancestors as a way to find resiliency connection in our body-mind connection. 

Cultural sensitivity and cultural awareness are also part on my clinical and personal background. My clinical practice is sustained with interventions in a diverse community.

I highly practice in my personal life and professional life the Yamas and Niyamas. Acceptance, love, compassion and tolerance are part of my belief system, I strongly believe all beings are equal and soul love energy.  

- Philosophy 

 As a psychotherapist I work with client to aid the possibility to integrate them as a wholeness. During traumatic events or psychological struggles, we are dedicated to bring balance in aspects of the mind and the body. Developing a better relationship with their body and the mind is a priority in our practice. During the psychological intervention the person develop skills in working with their attachments, supporting somatic interventions for healing and increasing sense of growth.

Working as both a psychotherapist and a meditation teacher, my practice is blending two powerful traditions—introducing meditation to therapy clients and sharing western psychological insights with meditation. My psychotherapeutic practice loves integrating mindfulness strategies into clinical work. The power of vulnerability and including the power of forgiveness. In Buddhism, forgiveness is the prerequisite to loving fully. We’ll practice, together, the most powerful reflections and meditations that cultivate a forgiving heart.

- Education and Credentials

Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology - Licensed Mental Health Counselor

American Psychological Association Associate Member

Certified Trauma Sensitive Yoga, by the Center of Trauma and Embodiment.

Somatic Certification 3 years completion - Completed as Body Psychotherapist

Meditation Teacher Certified NBCC - Transformation Meditation.

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist and Mindfulness Certification,

Attachment Trauma Certification International Trauma Institute

EMDR Certification

RAIN - Tara Brach - Training

Trauma Informed Care Recognition

Play Therapist Certification

Tapping Certification

Ayurvedic Nutritionist Certified. 

Yoga Science -America Meditation Institute.

Yoga Teacher and Educator Certified by Yoga Alliance

Shamanic Certification

Reiki Master Therapist

Kripalu trainings: Yoga Therapy for Medical Field, Body Keeps the Score, Life Force for Depression, Yoga Nidra, Reiki, etc. 


1-A sense of gratitude for having a body that was protecting us starts showing in your heart.

2-Appreciating pause and stillness.

3- AHIMSA (non violence) as a principle in your mindfulness healing is empowered. 

 AHIMSA, as major principle in your therapeutic treatment; increases inner pace, self-love, and sense of belonging.

AHIMSA, also befriend the body from long time constrictions, or physical pain. 

  "My work departures from the believe that acts of love bring freedom that releases the emotional pain."

Seals and certificate supporting completed trainings and Continue 

Education in Body-Mind & Mindfulness Approach. 

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