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Many asked me how I keep my weight in control, I just said "I keep my eating mindfulness".

Here some tips:

1- Chew your food and take time for swallowing and enjoying the flavor, recommended time 20 to 30 minutes.

2- Always tried to eat daily at least 3 different colors in fruit or vegetables. Red, green, yellow, purple, etc.

3- Use cilantro in your meals, as Latina my meals always are high in cilantro and garlic.

4- Drink water, the water has oxygen and we forgot that water revitalize our body with oxygen.

5- Avoid as possible oily meals, fat in meats, and remember to eat fresh food.

Practice at least one time healthy exercise, you can have a daily walk in case you are not a person who likes exercising. However, if you like exercise, yoga brings on the side many benefits and in twenty minutes you can learn an easy routine that can help you to increase your energy and decrease your stress level.

Things to avoid:

- Fries meals are oily and cause risk for cholesterol.

- Alcohol drinks are high in calories and we can notice a high increase of bellies in people who drinks daily alcohol.

- Smoking is not good, people are in risk for lung cancer.

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