Ilse Jimenez, NYS Licensed Mental Health Counselor -Somatic Psychotherapist, SEP.

Mission statement:
"Our philosophy is to provide human growth services that are sensitive to your personal needs. Our practice is based in a holistic mental health approach that emphasizes working together and coordinating with referrals for your well-being.

Wholeness in action for a better you.

Health and Healing with kindness and compassion

How we do it?  
Maya Moon Counseling is a practice that is focusing in an embodied and mindfulness psychotherapeutic approach that empowers  a person to manage their stress reactions caused by traumatic experiences.
A session consists of therapy talk, movement, body sensations, a sense and feeling with compassionate inner guidance.
Often cases report high success when the psychotherapist 
uses therapy talk, as well as alternative techniques for unfolding your inner truth when reaching sensations and emotions that we did not have the time to felt-sense with compassionate processing in our body and mind.
Maya Moon empowers self-discovery, self-guidance and self-study. 
Maya Moon's approach is based in your body-mind connection plus unconditional positive self-regard.   
 The co-creation of your SELF in a psychotherapeutic container is supported by higher therapists and experts in neuroscience like Bessel Van der Kolk, Ph.D, Peter Levine, Steven Porges and others.

 - What to expect in your session?

Your therapist will provide support to engage in a meditative sense of balance. Befriend the body from the traumatic stress or uncomfortable experiences is our main goal. Releasing the trauma from the body was forgotten for many therapists, today new research empowers the importance to add somatic techniques to heal completed. 

For doing this work, the therapist has strong research and knowledge for full embodiment; integrating your body-mind connection without risk for re-traumatization, the practitioner counts with a degree in Psychology and she is not only a certified yoga therapist     

Many of our patients reported in a short period of time feeling a calming sensation within the body, feeling her nervous system more self-regulated, they control better the freeze, fight-flight response. Adverse behaviors patterns or unhealthy attachments causing suffering also decrease with more self-awareness. The person reported sense of peace and  full presence. Deeper level of psychotherapeutic self-study is part of your treatment goal. 

 "Working with your nervous system is my priority, I believe strongly that our brain has the neuroplasticity that helps to bring transformation to your higher Self. For us you are becoming this lotus flower ready to receive self-transformation." (Ilse Jimenez, LMHC)
- Research and organizations supporting Body-Mind Yoga Based Psychotherapy approach:
For your journey, many coping techniques are provided in every week of session. Many of those techniques are based in mindfulness and holistic research that are highly supported by organizations that are leading the neuroscience research in the United States and in the world.
Maya Moon base treatment in two branches: A- Eastern Psychology techniques from the yoga and yoga therapy field. B- The Western approach supporting the Eastern techniques  with base in psychiatric and psychological research by Bessel Van der Kolk, Ph.D. Peter Levine, Dr. Steven Porges, Diane Fisher, Pat Ogden, Whilhem Reich, and other important psychologists and psychiatrists that are fascinated with the body-mind connection.
- What you will need in your Self-journey for your personal Transformation?

Please be aware that while you are talking about your problem, you are also co-creating with your psychotherapist. Holding a safe space for this co-creation will nurture your soul with a sense of feeling safe in your own body. 

Openess to easy meditation techniques are taught and required for engagement in your healing. You decide what technique to use or to focus on while working on your mental health treatment plan; however remember that we are based in a holistic approach.

Maya Moon support the body-mind approach in conjunction with the psycho-somatic, yoga therapy, and energy work. All techniques allows to reach body sensation. You don't need yoga experience or physical strength again the goal is to reach your para-sympatic in conjunction with interoceptive system.

Maya Moon Counseling is one of the only counselors that counts with certifications, seals and updated research for mindfulness healing.  Highly preparation in body-mind will support your mindfulness  treatment.
Based research studies by the APA supports the connection between the mind and the body (Monitor on Psychology, issue April 2013, by American Psychological Association. Our approach is supported by the American Psychological Association (APA), Harvard School Research, the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, and the American Psychiatry Association.

    Additional Resources based in Wellness and therapeutic benefits for your body-mind:

1- Our practice can refer you to a Licensed Massage Therapist, and  a certified Reiki Master. Alternative treatments are based on body work that helps to decrease stress levels in order to manage feelings associated to trauma or stressful experiences. Any referral for service requires that you sign a consent and HIPPA release form.

2- Your Primary Care Physician: I can coordinate your treatment plan with your physician per your request only. Your physician will only update me if you are at risk for other physical illnesses so we can help you with somatic prevention or the management of physical illnesses.  
HIPPA requirements are always followed in our practice.

Maya Moon follows the Ethical guidelines from the National Board of Certified Counselors and the American Psychological Association. 

 Contemplation of the nature heal the mind and body. Contemplation is your initial contact with  your higher self. Give to yourself a space for contemplation is a space for self-care and self-love, Namaste!