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Tree of Life, find yourself in the natural contemplation.
By Ilse Jimenez:

A psychotherapist faithfully follows the psychological specialty representing their practice. 

A therapist with responsibility will let you know the psychological approach for intervention before working  with you.

Make sure to check on your therapist studies and updates, I am a therapist that believes in continuing education and I invested time and energy into mastering techniques to enhance my ability to support my clients. 

Some therapists preserve some knowledge, but they still without receiving specific trainings in meditation or mindfulness; as result a client can feel a sense of confusion and disappointment with their time invested.  

A psychotherapist ethically after their graduate school continues learning with specializations with community hours on education that are mandated by the New York State Education Department. Once you are aware of the specialty in the mental health treatment; also make sure to research if the approach is a good fit for you, it will prevent you from being stuck in therapy for years.

Description on Somatic training, and Yoga Based Psychotherapy as a Continue Education facilitating specialty:

Amy Weintraub, Life Force Yoga for depression training,
 Misericordia University Conference in Body-Mind Yoga Based Psychotherapy, June 2017

As a result of my holistic and humanistic approach to therapy, I work with movement, breathing and awareness of what is happening at the moment for you.  Attending training with Amy Weintraub, was a way to learn about Life Force Yoga for Depression. Today, my clients are delighted by the different techniques including sound healing, chakra system and mudras.

While you are observing your body, my unconditional positive regard becomes part of the "Humanistic Psychological Approach"; your "I AM" will become a "WHOLENESS" to find self-discovery that unfold your deepest truth.

 Body-Mind psychotherapy is a unique approach supported in many aspects by experts like Bessel Van der Kolk and PhD, Peter Levine and other Somatic specialist that are pioneering in the body-mind connection. During Fall 2017, I attended the first sharing with amazing supporters of the body-mind in a New Year Conference on Attachment.

The Somatic approach is today the  leading discipline healing many mental health conditions, and my practice is adding Eastern philosophy to increase a better treatment on the side.

 I will continue learning with constant upcoming training in the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute Program that while training is happening requires me to practice.

Dr. Ananada Balayogui, training at Kripalu, mind construction and ways to balance your breathing, May 2016.

The human being is for me a beautiful creature affected by our stressful social environment, this environment decreases the self-awareness of what is happening in the present. The inability to sustain balance or focus causes us to feel emotional and physical pain. Using meditation to create balance between your body and mind builds a bridge tomindfulness. This specific learning was at Kripalu in 2016. At Kripalu training I received the teachings of Bessel Van der Kolk and Dr. Ananda Balayogui, leaders in body-mind connection in the United States and around the world.  
Yoga Therapy applied in Medical Settings Level 4, and in Mental Health settings, Level 5, April and May, 2016.

Attending training in Kripalu has supported my holistic and mindfulness intervention approach greatly, and with yoga therapy, I learned to distinguish blockages that our body uses as an explanation of emotional pain also related to somatic reaction.
Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy 500 CE hours training 2016-2017.

In 2017, I completed my training with Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy for Mental Health Practitioners. Because of completion of my training  in Yoga Therapy, I am able to be recognized by the United States Somatic Psychotherapy Association as a body-mind practitioner.

 As a clinician I was proud to complete 500 hours of an exhaustive training that was based in video recording, reading, intern days in Vermont, a lot of essays, plus adding strict constant supervision in the body-mind work.
The American Meditation Institute is another organization that has helped me to enrich my alternative medicine knowledge. My different trainings are used to increase mindfulness intervention sustained by our "Pranayama" (Life Force Energy). After attending Leonard Pearlmutter training, I learned the power of kindness and compassion that as a human being I want to integrate with my clients. Leonard continues in my life, I tried to see him a several times per year. Leonard became my mentor and teacher in my spiritual journey for increasing mindfulness.

2018-2019, I started my certification with Somatic Experiencing, currently I am in my intermedium level and working in exhaustive consultations. Every aspect of my training are supporting better my work with clients affected by trauma.

Fall 2017 was significant to learn with experts in the Polyvagal system, Neuroception and Attachment, some presenters Steven Porges, Diana Fosha, Pat Ogden, Vitorio Gallese, Rachel Yehuda, etc. 

Divine "Presence" and  the power of  "NOW " is the main component in our sessions.

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