MAYA MOON COUNSELING - Mental Health and Primary Care

Walking in the nature provides with many health benefits, the nature heal us.
"The human being has the power to heal themselves, you will remember the inner you, with your potentials and your strengths.
The nature has the power to heal us, try a walk daily, your body and mind will appreciate returning back to our forgotten secret. Ilse Jimenez, LPC."

Energy is part of your service plan, the reason for doing this  is to assist you to connect with your own body, where you can recognize the activation of experiences that are blocked. 

As holistic practice; we integrate Chakra psychology, reiki , energy work, and shamanic techniques. All of them as resources to assist with symptoms of sadness, stress and worries. 

Research proved how holistic techniques with a professional licensed mental health counselor on your side can provide with safe space for self- discovery.  In Maya Moon Counseling is a priority to learn the power of presence and remain grounded without risk for re-traumatization.

Getting reconnected with your mind-body through contact with the nature is fundamental. Maya Moon encourage to heal yourself with the Mother Earth who also is becoming an expression of our reality. 

 During our sessions, in a mandalas ceremony you are invited to show how you see your reality, then how you would like this reality to be manifested in your future. 

Spiritual sessions techniques as part of your healing process:
- Building therapeutic ceremonies to discover hidden grief, sadness, lack of energy, or other emotional pain.

- Mandalas construction in sandbox with therapeutic goal.

- Drumming and chanting with psychotherapeutic meaning.
-The power of affirmations as therapeutic ceremony.

- The power of intention and manifestation in your life. 

- Connection with natural resources with mindfulness techniques.