MAYA MOON COUNSELING - Mental Health and Primary Care
"The human being has the power to heal themselves, you will remember the inner you, with your potentials and your strengths.
The nature has the power to heal us, try a walk daily, your body and mind appreciate the  return back to our forgotten secret. Ilse Jimenez, LPC."

Walking in the nature provides with many health benefits, the nature heal us. Research shows health care issues such as anxiety, depression and stress can negatively affect our immune system; the cycle of disease starts in our perceptions, how we see our life, or how we create our thoughts.
Primary care doctors agree that our emotions and thought processes can play a role with increased rates of high blood pressure, heart attack, migraines, body pain, etc.
As a mental health care provider I have a holistic and wellness mindset that can assist you with improving your quality of life. My goal is to help you to learn and to avoid risk for less chronic mental stressors; or help you to cope with a physical health issue.
   All  of our techniques are psychological resources that can take you to a  higher levels of functioning.

 Maya Moon Counseling has developed an extensive connection with new research in psychology supporting alternative treatments.

Some research include MD, Bessel Van Der Kolk, who encourages the alternative techniques that I use when working with my clients.

From the Somatic Psychology, PhD. Peter Levine is also highly promoted for intervention. Trauma healing is a major focus in Maya Moon Counseling.

Trauma caused by domestic violence, childhood abuse, natural disasters, emotional abuse, etc. is a priority in our case load. 
Maya Moon counseling understands how helpful is to find a  solution  sooner than later without staying long years in therapy.
The here and now is essential and observing body reactions, alignment and expressions are the key to learn about yourself.
Once you find  your inner intentions that are causing your emotional stress, the therapeutic co-creation will start increasing an awareness of the body mind. You as a person will find reactions to situations that can serve you better.