Ilse Jimenez, LMHC, RYT, RPT Therapist, SE Practitioner.

Ilse is a Latino provider born in Costa Rica and she has a great appreciation for life and nature. Her philosophy has been considered different when she observes the opportunities for treatment the body-mind connection. 

Ilse utilizes an alternative approach to decrease the body mind reactions caused by traumatic experiences. 

The body is an important instrument involved in your healing process. Building resiliency, restoration in the body with mindfulness is fundamental. Befriend the body from the traumatic experiences give the possibility to open the door for self-regulation, allowing at the same time to unblock shock sensation and reactions in the body-mind.  
 In your sessions you are invited to move your body while you are also holding sense of safety supported by your therapist, Mindfulness techniques help to rebuild the present moment without being in a threat response, you can talk about the negative experiences but now you gain a sense of feeling safe. Building this capacity is extremely important for recovery, transformation and deepest healing.
Once our systems start to catch up with each other we are ready to unblock and release the trauma from our body, the system is in control of the freeze, fight, flight response. Freedom from pain takes place as a reality, the mind also understands how our adrenal glands where overprotecting, we build a  sense of gratitude for having a body that was protecting us and it was there supporting us - AHIMSA (non violence) as a principle in your mindfulness healing is welcome.
Bringing mindfulness in our body-mind, rebuild reality, we see with more clarity, we start to avoid aversive thoughts, negative reactions, negative patterns that were causing anxiety, depression, anger, lack of energy, etc; now the person is ready for deepest observance for their wants and needs. Transformation of the self begins with  compassionate cognitions. Unhealthy attachments to pain are avoided, the body-mind understands the capacity that was treasured in our inner secret box, you can find now space for self-love, kindness, gratitude, gentleness for yourself.
In total sense of presence the HERE AND NOW bring a whole world for transformation, increases space for manifestations, we become designers of our new life.
After welcoming the power of manifestation our body-mind heals spiritually; each session opens the door to your HIGHER SELF now looking for divine guidance, self-redirection, and empower to surrender to messages from your body-mind connection.
Ilse has received training in different mindfulness programs including Somatic therapy, Yoga Therapy, Meditation, and Energy Work. Remember she is also a Licensed Psychotherapist that increases excellent support in body-mind research assisted by specialization with the Somatic Experience Institute.

  Ilse is continuing to expand her knowledge with further training in somatic psychotherapy current student with Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute, she is in her Intermedium level, she is excited to provide with more support with based somatic psychotherapy.

 "As a therapist I believe that is my responsibility to bring  awareness of the body-mind connection for clients, from a perspective where the person receives a responsible psychotherapeutic reprocessing that can be safe."

Based in the spiritual approach of Eastern philosophy, Ilse bases her interventions for treatment in the Yamas and Niyamas -The 8 Limbs  of Yoga: Acceptance, contentment, non-judgement, non-violence, self-study, surrender to the Absolute. In addition, Chakra psychology assists to understand the physiology of the body integrating a better understanding of the self and how chakras become also block.

Ilse's credentials as an alternative provider supporting professional mindfulness healing.
- Master degree in 
Counseling Psychology 

- Somatic Experiencing Psychotherapy Certification -Intermedium Level.

- Certified Yoga Therapist 

- Transformation Certified Meditation Training supported by National Board of Certified Counselors

- Kripalu Institute - Yoga Therapy for Mental Health and Medical Settings, Level, 4 and  Level, 5 - Ilse completed 130 CE more for a total of 630 hours in additional Yoga therapy.

- American Meditation Institute. The Science of Yoga training, and the Psychology of the Bhagavad Gita.

- Energy Training, Certified Reiki Master Kripalu Institute.

- Styles Yoga, Certified Yoga Teacher

- Certified Play Therapist by the American Play Therapy Association.

Seals and certificate supporting completed trainings and Continue Education in Body-Mind & Mindfulness Approach.

Additional Services providing support to your Body-Mind.

- Energy work

All of them focus on gentle stretches to relieve the stress and assist you with feelings of encouragement.